‘Tis the season to throw open our wardrobes and embrace our favourite party pieces once again.

When it comes to party dressing, it’s the time of year to go out of your style-comfort zone and this season is no different: luxurious metallics, dazzling sequins and fantastic flats.

However, parties aren’t always a safe space when it comes to our favourite accessories, so we’ve got some tips and tricks for the best way to look after this season’s trend pieces.


Christmas means two things, everyone: parties and indulgence (a rule that applies to your wardrobe as well as the festive feasting).

Velvet is the ultimate luxury fabric, and it’s only getting hotter this party season.

Velvet can be demanding, if someone’s dancing feet happen to get in your way, the velvet can get crushed, flattened, wet or scuffed: a difficult situation to undo.

While your best bet is to keep a clear berth of anyone tearing it up on the dancefloor, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Play it safe by opting for dark shades such as black, blue and brown, which are easier colours for which to source replacement material.

Satin stand-off 

Satin shoes are the dreamiest choice for this party season, and not just because they make us reminisce of a time when becoming a ballerina felt like a legitimate career path.

Not sure which colour to choose? We recommend browns, blacks and blues, which are classic satin tones and therefore easier for us to repair. If your heart is set on a light or pastel colour, set that pair aside for the tamer events in your calendar (we’d hate to see your mint green ballet slippers ruined at the hands of a clumsy drinker).

Bag it up

There’s nothing worse than waking up after a festive night on the town to discover the carnage from the night before – and by that, we mean when you realise that a loose lipstick has ruined the lining of your bag.

If you want your bag to look good the whole season through, be wary of what goes in it and what it might come up against during a party spree. Keep your make-up in a separate inner bag if possible

and be mindful of hand and body lotions (especially those with shimmer or glitter), make-up or food oils that your bag may come in contact with.

These can result in anything from minor darkening spots (which may or may not fade with time) to a major stain removal situation. If you find yourself in this spot just blot it with a clean kitchen roll and call us when you can.