10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Restory

We wanted to share some nifty things The Restory can do for you and your most loved accessories. Why not sort out your wardrobe with a spring clean, re-heel or re-imagine.


 Helmut Newton for British Vogue 1967

Helmut Newton for British Vogue 1967

We Ship Internationally


The Restory’s global! We know finding a tried and trusted service is hard enough; add that to a crazy schedule whilst on the move and the logistics suddenly become more of a pain than it’s worth. So we take orders from anywhere in the world with our international shipping service so you can enjoy The Restory’s services. To find out more information email your requirements to our dedicated team.



Make It Just For You

There is something very regal about having your initials put onto your possessions. Whether you’re looking for a modern font and design painted onto your items or simple monogramming for leather briefcases and diaries. From the initials of your name to an important date, or a personalised note, all is possible. We offer hand painted letters or numbers, gold silver or any colour, you name it and we’ll personalise it!



Restore The Shine To Patent Leather

Our inner magpie means our eyes flicker with excitement when we see glistening shoes, and patent leather is no exception. When new, this leather is irresistible but very susceptible to damage. Discovering the heels of your “So Kate” patent Louboutin’s have caught the pavement can be a gutting moment. Patent leather is different in that it has a glossy topcoat that cannot be restored through polishing in the same way normal leather can. Creases can also be quick to appear after wear and, over extended time, the leather can crack at the front of a shoe – the area that takes the most impact. Normal shoeshine products will not react with patent leather in the same way, so we’ve developed an alternative restoration process with our team of skilled makers.


Save Suede

We’ve developed specialist techniques to clean and restore suede’s original finish: a raised nap with a soft, flexible touch and a reboot to the colour can give the appearance of depth we love suede for. Suede is similar to velvet – it has a nap that gives the subtle raised texture and luxury lustre. When this comes into contact with water, mud or dirt in general, it can loose its lustre and become stiff.

Although you can be tempted away from suede due to its reputation for being delicate, but with the right knowledge and care it can be a no-hassle choice of style. Our advice is to always opt for a protective spray on purchase but be aware that this can darken the overall colour of the suede. Also consider if your item is made from multiple materials and how they may react to a spray that is designed for specific leather. If you have some dirt or marks on your suede we offer a special clean. 


Repair The Shimmer On Metallic Leathers

We love metallic: the soft shimmer on accessories adds the right amount of glam but we also know that the quality can make a big difference to how long it holds its sparkly finish. The higher the quality, the longer it will last, but eventually it can show signs of wear and the patina starts to rub off. This is because the metallic finish is painted onto the leather as opposed to it being part of the tanning/dying process. Our head of Atelier has demonstrated some skilled workmanship recently in the case study, “The Exotic Skin Clutch”, demonstrating the intriguing and delicate method of re-painting the leather with multiple thin layers. If you’re looking to restore any metallic leather accessory, we’ve got it covered!


 'Jamie' clutch by Tyler Ellis

‘Jamie’ clutch by Tyler Ellis


We Can Flock

Flocking looks and feels similar to velvet in appearance. It has a raised texture as seen on these delicious ‘Romy 100’ Jimmy Choos, created by gluing tiny particles upright onto a chosen area using a specialist machine. This method means we can selectively emboss a pattern or initials onto any leather surface creating a fabulous contrast and a totally personal and unique look! Drop us an email or give us a call for more information.


 Anya Hindmarch & designing a strap

Anya Hindmarch & designing a strap

Create New Straps

Straps tend to take on the most wear because this is how we hold a bag. But when they do start to look tired, that shouldn’t be the reason to dispose of the bag altogether. Or if you fancy an addition to your bag just enlist The Restory to breath new life into your accessories. Our Atelier works with you, to create something unique for you, to your specifications.  Whether we are rescuing a well-loved favourite or altering a dream bag so it’s bespoke to your needs, we’ve aced it, as seen in the case study, “Reimagining Anya With A New Bespoke Strap”.


Complementary Cleaning With Restoration

It really is that simple! For every restoration we perform, your item receives complimentary cleaning because we know caring is sharing. 😉


Change Colour Like A Chameleon

Who would of thought you could have a new bag without the original price tag, just by changing the colour? We recommend using our highly skilled re-colouring service for big-ticket accessories, to give both you and your item a whole new look! As demonstrated in “Re-Colouring A Chanel”, we transformed a leather Chanel bag from white to black. The skill is ensuring the leather does not look painted and shiny; instead it should retain its depth and remain subtle in its texture. We are able to re-colour your items darker than they were, which means anything can be changed to black, if you have a specific colour in mind just get in touch and we can advise. 



 Re-colouring a Chanel

Re-colouring a Chanel


We Are Exotic Leather Restoration Specialists

It sounds official and that’s because it is – we can restore exotic leather. Like normal leather, exotic leather needs regular maintenance but also a delicate hand. The Restory’s atelier showcased their skills in the case study where they restored a vintage Black Crocodile Bag. Whether your items are old or new our Atelier have a deep understanding in the various leathers and how they’ve been treated which makes us ideally suitable to restore your exotic leathers. 


Get in touch and book a collection to restore your items today. If we haven’t listed it here or shown it within our Case Studies the chances are we can still restore it, just email service@the-restory.com with your enquiry.