The Vacation Edit: How to Pack

The number of people flying worldwide reached to 3.77 billion in 2016, so when it comes to your luggage, the airlines have their work cut out to make sure your
beloved possessions arrive safely. It’s their job to do that. For you, it’s a question of thinking about what you’re going to take with you and how to pack it. 

Options are optimal! Whilst it’s great to be prepared, a brief survey amongst fellow devout shoe lovers concluded that an average of five pairs of shoes are packed, even on a minibreak. Leaving you with few options other than to wear every holiday outfit at the same time on the journey to your destination. Pack what you will actually use, plus a fabulous reckless pair just in case! Anything can happen on holiday. Before your shoes head for some origami style packing, provisions need to be made.

Always put each shoe in an individual shoe bag for maximum protection. It’s a sure way to prevent the shoes coming into contact to avert unnecessary scratches or colour transfer on the leather. Add some type of padding inside the shoes to keep their shape; simple tissue paper or lightweight shoe trees should suffice. If space is an issue, you can insert some of your smaller soft items as padding instead.

We have all been there; holiday outfits meticulously laid out on the bed, but no science will make enough room in the suitcase to fit them all into that compact cubic space. Instead, be tactical with your packing. Contrary to lots of online advice, we would recommend placing your shoes at the top of the suitcase so they don’t become compressed at the bottom. Essentially this means packing them last. It will also allow more space because the top of a suitcase expands slightly more than the lower part. In more detail, this is to prevent crushing the toe box or the counter/quarter (the back part of the shoe). These areas are usually moulded, which keeps the shape of the shoe and this can invert if left with applied pressure. Lastly, pack the shoes in a heel-to- toe formation, keeping them flat, side by side.

Before you descend into the ultimate relaxation zone, be sure to plan ahead by
servicing those carefully selected pairs.  Sometimes we think we are honestly just paying for sunshine when we jet off across the ocean. If rain does appear, you could save yourself a surprise by adding a protective sole and even requesting a protective treatment for shoes made from delicate suede and fabrics. Read our case study, “Things we wish you would stop doing”, which includes some tips in case you are caught out by a spot of rain. Remember, it’s not just your shoes. The Restory specialise in cleaning your luggage too, from weekend jaunt holdalls to more capacious bags for your long haul holidays.

Book a collection on your return and be ready for the next one!