How do you guarantee the ultimate festival experience when three outfit changes a day is practically impossible? This is a standard life hack during the festival season.

Festivaling’ has evolved in a monumental way, with organiser’s recognising we are just plain happier when we are comfortable. Although that doesn’t mean we can rock up wheeling an entourage of suitcases, high living options are still available.

There are many of us who don’t jump for joy when presented with a lightweight survival course in our weekend residence: a tent. Here, we look to sunnier times. Savvy pre-pitched tents, available at the likes of Bestival and high-end festival fashion parades with the thrills and practicality.

 Image taken from  @alessandraambrosio

Image taken from @alessandraambrosio

The not so soft on the lips Gorpcore trend (yes, I know right?), an evolution of Nomcore, has brought purposeful fashion back with vitality. Wear useful stuff because it is useful. We are not preaching to just the hiking collective. Even when you are having fun on your feet all day, you will still want to look the ultimate!

Festivals have become an adult dressing-up utopia so you can embrace the Gorpcore trend head to toe. For your feet we love the Hunter special festival edit. When you return with a field of mud, bring them to The Restory for a full deep clean service. We don’t mind a bit of mud in the knowledge it was from the iconic Bestival main stage, in fact we may even feel privileged! If heading for guaranteed great weather, your best friend, the trainer should be at front of the stage with you. Even if you don’t know what you are listening to, your feet will be happy for hours. What’s more The Restory works wonders on trainers; read about it here.

When it comes to carrying your valuables, rucksacks are practical but not sociable in crowds, so opt for a cross-body bag or a belt bag. We believe the Gucci Marmot belt bag makes the utilitarian cut. This number sits close to the heart, both yours and mine, and will ensure your life’s essentials are in easy compact reach. Don’t panic about a fruity festival cocktail spillage either. Our Atelier is expert at removing sticky stains and any scuffs can be quickly healed with some skilled colour touch ups.

 Images taken from  @pamela_rf

Images taken from @pamela_rf