Wondering About Winter, Get Organised

Don’t you wish the British weather would make up its mind? Any more rain and we will be forced to start trending those 50’s rain cover boots, better known as galoshes and politely described as a “waterproof overshoe”. Suits you Sir.

In truth we don’t want these to make the essentials list any time soon! To avoid this, start the day with an accurate weather report while sipping a fresh green juice and hefting on the mascara before you choose footwear to complement what you’re wearing. In fact, it’s well worth asking where the Summer has gone, as rain and showers may well be around for a while.  To help you cope with the changeable weather, here is our guide to help you squeeze every last joy out of your Summer wardrobe before the Autumn begins and show you how to pack it away neatly. Simples.  

As the seasonal change over is fast approaching follow these simple rules:

One, layer like you are in “Clueless”. With a resurgence of 90’s cool we are embracing small T’s under strap dresses and strappy ballerina pumps. Socks with sliders and open back loafers could also be a contender.

Two, be decisive; are they staying or going? This counts on two levels; firstly, are you really going to use them again next season or should you find them a new home? Second, what will carry you into Autumn the best? Take a look at your styles. Shoes that do more to decorate, as opposed to actually protecting your feet, should soon be packed away. Shoes, like trainers and ballet pumps, should stay! They will carry you through days when the weather is free styling.

Shoes should be packed away fully serviced: cleaned and repaired. Make sure the leather has been recently conditioned but is not too moist. Pack in individual shoe bags – we can’t stress this enough, especially for patent leathers, which can literally become stuck together if packed in the wrong climate and manner. For very delicate items, including shoes, pack with acid free paper. We suggest adding a cheeky shoe deodoriser too because when shoes have been worn with bare feet and then packed away, they will retain that wiffy smell for next time…

Are they going to the back of the wardrobe or migrating to another part of the house altogether? Make sure you can access them with ease, in case of a spontaneous holiday.

Avoid storing your summer items in potentially damp areas. The Restory has performed some mini-miracles on shoes left in damp conditions with the special cleaning service, but it’s better to prevent damage from the beginning.

Now start to unpack your winter pieces; they will of course have been expertly cleaned and packed at the end of last season, ah-hem.  If you did literally stash them away, now is a good time to decide if they still spark joy to both own and wear them? There is a whole world of reseller sites that provide a great platform to sell. If you need a little helper to get on top of the back to school prep, The Restory offer an excellent polish or deep clean service ready for the first day back.

And don’t forget, London Fashion Week is on the horizon from 15th to 19th September so we can already start dreaming of Spring/Summer 2018! Something to look forward to at least!