Celebrating International Women’s Day!

 Women for Women International Afghanistan class - Image by Rada Akbar

Women for Women International Afghanistan class – Image by Rada Akbar

We are thrilled to be supporting Women for Women International at their upcoming flagship fashion event, the #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale. Featuring fashion’s leading designers, style icons and industry insiders, who are all clearing out their wardrobes to raise vital funds for the work the organization does for women survivors of war – we are inviting you to the chicest car boot sale in the world!

The Restory is welcoming  all your donations for the Car Boot Sale and giving you the opportunity to get involved this International Women’s Day. Please find more info about the Car Boot Sale here  Help a woman survivor of war take the first step on a journey to rebuilding her life after the horrors of war:

–       Join The Restory with over 40 other fashionistas and brands at the Women for Women International #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale on Saturday 12th May at Brewer Street Park.

–       To support please send in leather accessories to The Restory, our Client Services Team will assist you with complimentary collections and we will be happy to restore them and increase their value for the Car Boot Sale; all proceeds go to Women for Women International.

–       Take part in the special International Women’s Day #MessageToMySister Campaign – join Helen Mirren, Sophie Turner and thousands of others and send a message of support and solidarity to tell women survivors of war ‘You are not alone’

 Women for Women International Rwanda class - Image by Rada Akbar

Women for Women International Rwanda class – Image by Rada Akbar

In celebration of International Women’s Day we invited our friends at Women for Women International to share the incredible work they do to serve women in countries affected by war and conflict. For 25 years, Women for Women International has provided training and solidarity to more than 462,000 women around the world – empowering them to break free from poverty and make their voices heard. The heart of their organization is connecting women to a support network locally – with women in their training group who become friends, confidantes, and business partners – and globally, with women like ourselves, who share their hopes for a more peaceful future. Despite enduring violence, poverty, persecution and facing a daily struggle to protect their children and support their families, these women’s resilience and remarkable achievements are truly inspiring.

Women for Women International works with women living in some of the world’s most dangerous places – where there has been recent conflict and instability, or where war has left a traumatic, enduring legacy. Sadly, conflict affects women and children more than any other group and you see women when they are at their most vulnerable; they have seen family members killed, experienced sexual violence, and been forced to flee their home in search of safety.  Many have taken on the role of sole breadwinner and are both caring and providing for their families at times of crisis. Because they are women, they face additional barriers; they are often denied the right to own land, get an education, work outside the home, or have an equal say in household financial decisions.

Women for Women International provide women with the support they need to take steps towards a better future.  When they join the 12-month programme, women come together in classes of 25, meeting other women who have been through similar experiences so they are no longer on their own. They learn practical skills to start a small business and begin earning an income. Often, it’s the first time they’ve had money of their own, and can decide how to spend and save it.  Women also learn about protecting their own and their children’s health, and understand their legal rights.

 Women for Women International Rwanda - Image by Rada Akbar

Women for Women International Rwanda – Image by Rada Akbar

The women they work with have overcome unimaginable ordeals. With the right support, these women can begin to thrive. Take Grace in Rwanda, for example…

When her husband died three years ago, Grace and her five children were left with nothing. “I was alone and had to take care of the children who were all very young at the time. I couldn’t imagine them growing without their father around. He was the one who provided for them – school materials, food …”

The Women for Women International programme proved to be a lifeline for Grace. She recalls, “Women for Women International came and took me out of my loneliness. They taught me how to save, to manage the household … After I joined, my life got back on track. I even bought some small livestock and put my kids through school. By the end of this year, I will have achieved something big. I’m thinking of opening my own shop and expanding my activities.”

There are so many more women like Grace who are in desperate need of a helping hand to guide them through the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Help us help Women for Women International empower women around the world and get in touch with The Restory to send in your donations. See you at the Car Boot Sale!