Gucci loafers loved by everyone, and your pet

Guccio Gucci was born in 1881 to a simple Italian leather goods maker and became enamoured by luxury lifestyle having worked at the Savoy hotel in London as a porter, seeing designer goods from all over the world. Having worked for luggage brand Franzi, Gucci returned to Florence to open his own leather goods store in 1921 starting with making saddles and horse-riding accessories in the softest Italian leather. An equastrian flare remains a part of the Gucci house we see today, particularly seen with the horsebit addition to the classic Gucci loafer.

We recently saw a pair of the classic Gucci loafers, loved by the owner and unfortunately by the owner’s dog too with the heel of the brand new pair of shoes chewed down. We took them straight to our shoe expert for an assessment to see how we could repair them.

Dog chewed loafer
Before restoration

First things first, our shoe expert carefully separated outsole from the upper using a heat method. This allowed the seams on the back of the loafer to open up fully so we could check the original construction of the show in order to recreate a replacement for the damaged section.

Using a heat method to open the back seams

Next, our artisan unstitched and separated the damaged back of the shoe from the rest. Our sourcing expert searched for the exact replacement leather so we could replace the back, outer and lining, with an invisible mend.

Removing the leather heel

A card pattern was then created of the damaged part so the pattern could then be perfectly cut out with a fresh piece of leather. Our artisan lasted the back of the shoe and fit the new piece of leather in securely with nails, just as in the original construction. These shoes were made properly with the heel area reinforced with nails so the sole doesn’t separate from the upper after prolonged wear, which is rare in contemporary designer collections and more in line with proper old fashioned shoemaking. So, the trick is to stick to the classics for long lasting pieces, just keep them away from the puppies!

Repaired, restored and revived
Repaired, restored and revived