Party Feet – 5 ways to save yourself without sacrificing your shoes

As we are about to dance our way through the last few days of the year, we’re all experiencing a little foot fatigue at this point of the season. You’re probably keen to do what it takes to look fabulous on New Year’s Eve – without maiming yourself – and we’re totally on your side in this mission, but with the caveat of keeping you from committing any crimes against your shoes.

There are loads of suggestions out there, ranging from rubbing washing up liquid on your heels, to putting too-big shoes in the oven to shrink. (Seriously? Do not, under any circumstances, put your shoes in the oven for ANY reason. *)

As with everything, prevention is always better than cure, so get ahead of the pain with a few simple hacks, assuming you didn’t have time to come to us for the long-term fixes first!

1.     Shoes too big? Fit some purpose-made inserts before going out. There are some great products out there and some even have fun patterns and colours. Alternatively, book ahead and we’ll put in an under sock or a comfy padded insole.

2.     Toes rubbing against the top of the toe box? Sprinkle some talcum or baby powder over your toes so that they can move freely and not catch against the leather when they get sweaty. If you’re a DIY goddess, you can try – with GREAT caution – to rub the offending (non-visible) part of the shoe with a very fine 600-1200 grit sandpaper. Or, give us a bell and we’ll sort it for you.

3.     Same goes for sore spots. If you’ve worn them before and gotten a blister, put the plaster on your foot before you leave the house. If they’re new, wear them around the house while you’re getting ready and check for any warning signs. Depending on shoe design (and the carpentry supplies available to you) the sanding hack could work, but having us stretch them to fit your foot ahead of time is probably the best solution.  We only need 48 hours for the shoes to sit on the stretcher.  (Better them than you, we think.)

4.     Shoes too small? Dampen the inside where they are pinching, put on some thick socks and wear them around the house for a while before heading out. (Remembering to take the socks off first, obvs.) Again, stretching them professionally can work miracles.

5.     Caught out with a blister on your heel and the night’s not over? Fold a square of loo roll thick enough to raise the back of your heel a bit, inside the shoe. This should take the pressure off until it’s time to hang up your party shoes until next year. (Which will, in this case, be tomorrow.)

* In addition to not putting shoes in ovens to dry out or shrink, we can’t really endorse putting Vaseline, body lotion, hand creams, washing up liquid, hand soap, lip gloss or anything else in your shoes. Same goes for Champagne. (Worst idea ever.) Remember, just like Santa, we will know.