Reimagine (Digital)

£300.00 (worth £360)

Perfect to change the colour of an item – think from pink to a chic black!

This package has a value of £360 which is recommended as a price guide changing the colour of shoes, bags or accessories. Get creative and work with our in-house artisans to make you fall in love with your favourite item all over again.

These vouchers can be redeemed across any of our services. If the client chooses to go ahead with a new strap or decorative studs our team will need to assess the item they would like to personalise and offer the colour options available which will be dependent on the original colour of the item.

Please note the service cost may be dependant on the item sent in and the colours available will always be darker than the original colour of the item. Our team will provide an assessment and a quote for the client to make a decision on. Should the cost of the service be a higher value than the vouchers, the client will be invoiced for the additional value. This gift is not recommended for black items. The vouchers will have an expiry date of 1 year.

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