Restored and ready for ‘Gucci Soho Disco’

Founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the oldest Italian fashion brands in operation. The signature double G monogram and the iconic stripe consisting of two green stripes straddling a red bar, were introduced during WW2 when lack of materials forced the brand to use cotton as opposed to leather that the brand primarily used. Now lead by Alessandro Michele, with a number of capabilities in leather, knitwear and silks, Gucci continues to attract many young and aspirational customers as well as fashion insiders.

The Gucci ‘Soho Disco’ crossbody was launched in 2014 and is instantly recognisable with the signature ‘GG’ motif embossed onto the leather. It comes in array of colours: black, red, beige, and white and is made with soft grained textured leather from Italy. With its zip tassel detail, it’s the perfect size to hold your everyday essentials allowing you to take any look from day to the disco. It’s no surprise that sometimes your right hand handbag will need a little extra love, and exactly why we see so many here at The Restory.

Pre restoration


After a physical assessment our team could see the services we could provide to restore the bag such as exposed piping on the corners, some slight colour transfer on the back, faded colour and cracked edging. The edging is important to protect and strengthen the strap. There was also some more minor damage such as split tassels and the interior lining was dirty. This is all to be expected from a much loved bag, especially in this vibrant red as colour transfer in particular is more noticeable on reds and any lighter colours.

Exposed piping
Cracked edging


First things first, our atelier team gave the bag a clean. This is protocol for all items that require restoration. A leather cleaner was used to remove superficial dirt and reduce the colour transfer. Special attention is paid to the lighter coloured linen lining as this colour is likely to attract dirt. This process is essential to see the deeper stains that we need to use other techniques to remove.

Cleaning the lining

 Our artisan then began by cutting the excess piping at the corners. As they were broken, the best thing to do was to replace them to increase the longevity of the bag. The corners are naturally the first places to show wear and tear as the bag is picked up, put down and bumped into so frequently. Our artisan replaced the plastic piping with leather cord as it is flexible and then a special leather filler was used to recreate the leather that had worn down so much it had disintegrated. While this was drying, the split tassels we simply glued back together.  

Inserting the new piping

 Once these had both dried, the team moved on to the edging. Edging is made up of a specialist paint which seals and protects the leather after the bag has been constructed, usually along the handles. The edging strengthens and supports the strap, which is subject to lots of use. To get a good result from re-edging, the cracked edge coat must be sanded away to create an even flat surface for the new edge coat. After each layer of edge coat any bumps can be sanded down again with a hand held file and this allows it to adhere to the leather. Our atelier technicians will layer this up as many times as they feel necessary.

Preparing the bag to be re-edged
Re-edged and as good as new


One of the final steps is mix the zingy red colour to touch up the bag. To achieve this, as always, the colour was hand mixed to ensure we got the perfect match and the warm shade of the original colour. This is essential to our ‘touch up’ approach where our artisan just works on the small areas that require attention.

Before applying the colour, the work on the piping was double checked to make sure the texture was the same as the original textured leather. A finisher that matched the original bag was then applied to the whole bag, including the strap, to seal the layers of paint so the bag can be returned as good as new.

Restored and revived

Piping concealed

If your item is a favourite for everyday use, there is no denying that natural wear and tear will occur. We encourage you to send your items in before the damage is too severe so you can keep using it for longer. No matter the colour of your bag or shoes, our artisans hand mix the colour each and every time to ensure the best match. If you don’t see a colour used before, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a preliminary quote and the team can assist you.