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Standard Shoeshine

A basic polish of a leather shoe.

– £20

Military Shine

A rigorous polish for an extremely high shine finish.

– £75


Perfect to clean salt stains, mud and great to refresh your standard running trainers. We have wet and dry techniques depending on the material of your item and will clean both the interior and exterior of the shoes. We try our utmost to clean even the toughest of stains, but we cannot guarantee all stains will be fully removed depending on the nature of the stains against the material. 

– £35

Special Cleaning 

Perfect for those items with mixed materials that require specific techniques for each material. We have wet and dry techniques depending on the material of your item and will clean both the interior and exterior of the shoes. We try our utmost to clean even the toughest of stains, but we cannot guarantee all stains will be fully removed depending on the nature of the stains against the material. Perfect for those items with mixed materials that require specific techniques for each material.

– £55

Mould Removal

Do let us know if your item requires mould removal treatment as this requires healthy & safety measures and specific techniques to salvage. Depending on the severity of the mould, we may need a little extra time to complete this. 

– £130

Complex Trainer Cleaning

This service is perfect for the Balenciaga Triple S trainers. Cost drivers will include items with mixed materials as each material requires their own unique cleaning technique. We have wet and dry techniques and use the method appropriate for the material(s) of the item. We try our utmost to remove all stains but sometimes this isn’t possible depending on the nature of said stains. We will clean the exterior, interior, laces and the sole of the trainers.

– £ 140

Biological Fluids  

Please do inform us if your item has been affected by any biological fluids as this requires specific health and safety measures and different techniques to clean. 

– £ 165


Stiletto Reheel

This service replaces the tip (also called a cap or a lift) at the end of the stiletto heel.

– £20


SEGS are metal plates that are nailed to the toe tips and heels of shoes to slow down wear at its most vulnerable points.

– £20

Toe Pieces

A toe piece is a mini resole but at the tip of the shoe where it always seems to wear so much faster than the rest of the sole.

– £30

Flat Reheel

Replacing the cap or tip on a loafer, lace up or boot. These can come in leather, rubber, “logger” or deep treads and we’ll match as close as possible to the original style, unless you ask otherwise. 

– £30


When your shoe is coming away from the sole, a re-last means we will re-attach the sole to the upper leather. We will remove the upper from the sole of the shoe, scrape off the glue and re-apply glue to ensure the upper is stable again. 

– £30

Repair, source and replace hardware

We can fix the original, source new or complimentary pieces and/or liaise with the brands directly to solve damaged or missing hardware problems. There may be additional costs depending on the construction of the item and the hardware.

– Starting at £30

Protective Sole

A 1mm rubber sole adhered to a leather sole to extend its longevity and provides a little extra grip. We cut ours low and curved. We use a colour closest to the colour of the outer edge of the original sole.  

– £35

Remake loops for trainers, boots etc..

The loops that hold important components together (straps, buckles, laces) can become weak or loose. We can remake these to ensure your item is in working order again.

– Starting at £40

New elastics

We can replace the elastic between ankle strap and buckle. We source and replace with a closest possible match in size and colour to the original. 

– £45

Replace binding/ribbon on ballerina

We can replace the binding on your shoes, usually ballerinas, but note this only at the back and may be  visible.

– Starting at £45

New shanks 

In a stiletto, boot or shoe, the shank is a piece of metal that gives support and structure and is found between the insole and outsole. Sometimes it breaks and sometimes it gets loose and makes a squeaky noise. We can bend it back into place or we can replace it all together.

– Starting at £55

Reseat heels

Reattaching the heel stem (usually on a stiletto or boot heel) to the base of the shoe where its torn away. We use the same heel unless its broken. If the heel itself is snapped or bent, have a look at our service of Broken Heel Stem.

– £55

1/2 Soles

A half-sole is when only the part of the sole from about the arch of the foot to the toes is replaced. We will match as close as possible to the original style unless you ask otherwise. 

– £65

Remake tassels or zip puller

Whether lost or damaged we’ll recreate and attach new tassels or zip pullers. 

– Starting at £70

Full remake

From toes to heel, this involves a long resole and a heel cap (or tip) replacement. If you chose to go ahead with a full remake please be aware that this will remove any branding on the sole. 

– £99

Fillers/leather restoration

This can fill holes, smooth scratches and cover worn away corners. This would be provided alonside some colour restoration so that the mend is as invisible as possible.   

Starting at £105

Colour restoration 

This consists of light layers of paint hand mixed in our atelier to ensure the perfect colour match to conceal any signs of staining, wear and scuffing.

– Starting at £ 105

Recover heels

This involves recovering the heel stem of stilettos or boots in new leather. We will source a closest match to the original. If not, we can provide a colour restoration to match the original. We will replace the heel tip for you too. 

– Starting at £105

Broken heels

When the heel itself snaps, we need to replace the whole piece, this cannot be repaired. Depending on how unique it is we will source the replacement. We will then re-cover this to match the original shoe or a complimentary material agreed with you. If the stem isn’t broken but has come away then look at our service of Re-seating The Heel as this may be what you need instead.

Starting at £140


Insoles and undersocks

An insole (or sock) is the leather or fabric sole glued to the inside of the shoe along the bottom (the part you step on). We can custom cut you a fresh piece of leather to fit the shoe but note this will remove any branding. 

– £25-45


Shoes can be stretched in any or all four directions and is meant to expedite the stretching that you foot would normally do through normal wear. While this can make the breaking in process a bit faster and more tolerable, we can not stretch a shoe or boot a full size.  Please note that in order to prevent damage to stitching, we cannot over stretch shoes. We stretch twice as standard but please note, we have no way of knowing how much of a difference this will make to your personal experience of the shoe. 

–  £30-50

Chamois Lining

Chamois lining, most often seen on the inside of the heel counter (or cavity) of loafers, lace ups, boots and trainers, is a soft sheep or goat lather with absorbent properties. However, over time, as you take your foot in and out of the shoe your heel rubs against and tears it which we can replace. 

– £55


If you are looking to protect new shoes or usually as part of a special clean or a shoe shine, we can use water repellent products for a little extra protection from the elements. 

– £20


Change colour

We can recolour shoes any colour darker than the original – just let us know your preference. Once we have received the item we’ll update you with colour swatches for your approval.

– Starting at £ 140

Custom Refashioning

Whether adding additional straps, re-colouring or personalisation such as adding hardware such as studs feel free to send us your ideas or ask our team to get creative with some design sketches. 

– How long is a piece of string?

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