Smart Luxury To Your Doorstep

Photo by MaxFrost/iStock / Getty Images

There are hosts of sayings to the effect of “clothes maketh the man (or woman)” and we think they make a point. Whether a power heel, high-gloss wingtips, trainers or steel toe boots; we wear what we need to wear to get the job done. Steve Jobs and his ubiquitous black polo necks. Designers who wear black so as not to be distracted when working with patterns. Women who wear towering heels for a jolt of confidence, or so they’re not missed out in a crowd. (More on that hot potato in one of our next pieces.)

And then there’s our own time. Once we step out of our uniform of the day, we have a raft of shoes and clothes and bags that are about rest and renewal. About long walks and longer lunches, playing with our kids, chasing dogs, first dates, going for a run, shopping, drinks with friends…

We attach importance to certain items in our armoury for work-a-day use, as well as affection for our well-worn off-duty partners in crime. You’ve either invested in quality pieces you love, or maybe you’ve logged enough hours in them to know the Goldilocks comfort of the “just right” fit.

We’re here at any point of your journey. Whether just out of the box and preparing to face the elements, resolving a case of discomfort or buyer’s remorse, or just hitting the mileage that means they deserve a little bodywork or a whole new look.

The Restory is built on a foundation of smart luxury; a term a NYT blog says originated in Chicago last year, to describe the philosophy of Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta, as “being smart about clothing choices, both financially and creatively…plus it reflects a certain adult sensibility that is reflected in the garments.” The Hilton focuses on smart luxury as tailoring services to the individual, until it become intuitive.

We define it for ourselves as part of living a life of both purpose and style. Of investing in things not just on the day we buy them, but along the way as we use them. Of seeing the beauty of them in the first moment, or appreciating the patina of something that has served us well. Of improving on them, or keeping them fit for purpose. All of these eventualities help us to feel as amazing as we should, as we go about the business of succeeding at whatever we do, and having adventures along the way.